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Why I Love My Man

Love. The four-letter word that has more power than just about any other word in the dictionary. There is nothing better than being told and shown that you are loved and here are a few reasons of why I love my man... I love you because of how you make me feel I love you because you make me smile I love you because you accept me for who I am I love you because you respect me I love you because you do not take me for granted I love you :) And to prove it, I am wearing my new necklace that has a hear and your intial right over my own heart for the whole world to...

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The Biker Chick From Hell

As the rumbling bike came to a smooth stop, the rider stepped off and pulled her helmet off. Long black hair came tumbling into view and as she locked her helmet to the bike, a sparkle came from the large lone ring on her finger that looked like it had seen its share of fights. Upon closer inspection, you can see a large black zircon ring surrounded on all sides by wicked looking skulls. What a piece for that goth, emo, punk gal or for that biker chick from hell! Take 12% off right now by clicking the image below! Talk Soon, ~ Randy Salars "Your Romance Consultant"

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Cindy Sees Stars

Cindy Limon tossed her head in a laugh at the handsome gentleman before her who had approached her on the street out of nowhere.He had asked her about her long blonde hair with a cheezy pick-up line and even though she didn't have any interest and had told him so, she was slightly intrigued.When he asked if she had a sister (which she did), she thought persistence will get you everywhere.But when he magically produced a big sis/lil sis necklace, she saw stars as she though what a great gift this would make for her sister.Who knows where this might lead next, she smiled ...-To be continuedTalk Soon,~ Randy Salars "Your Romance Consultant" ================ BIG SISTER SIS LIL SIS NECKLACE...

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